Smithsonian Museum
The purpose of this project was to create a family of logos each in the style of six specific artistic movements.  I chose to redesign the Smithsonian Institute's classic sun/star logo.  This would be the unifying shape of the family while each individual museum's icon represents its own style and exhibits.

Hirshhorn is the national museum of contemporary and modern art.  The logo was created in the style of Constructivism - using repetitive geometric shapes loosely resembling a sun or star.  The color scheme was chosen from classic russian poster art of the period.  
The AAM houses pieces from all American regions and periods.  The logo, inspired by Op art and Dada, effectively depicts the American tradition from its past to present. 
Cooper-Hewitt is the only US museum to focus on historical and contemporary design.  The icon was illustrated to resemble pop art in the comic/half-tone style of Lichtenstein. 
The NMAH is a collection of the cultural heritage of the US.  It houses a wide variety of items of social, political and scientific significance.  The logo is based on the style of Plakatstil, or "object poster."  A movement closely associated with political art.  
This gallery is a branch of the AAM and houses crafts and decorative arts.  The icon resembles Werkstatte, or workshop, art - a period that greatly symbolizes the arts and craft world.  
The NMNH houses millions of plant, animal and geological specimens.  While the logo is only loosely based on grunge and street art, it creatively depicts the explorative atmosphere of the museum. 
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