Hobby Horse Art + Design
Conceptual Flash-based Portfolio Website
The Hobby Horse brand and its accompanying website is one of my larger attempts at incorporating animation, interactivity, web and traditional design into a single project.  The site is completely Flash-based, and was built with limited hand-coding, which works well with a portfolio style website. 
I had a very clear concept for the branding of Hobby Horse Art + Design from the beginning. The term was taken from a favorite novel of mine – Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy – and developed into a logo that represents classic childhood imagination and creativity (qualities that I want to reverberate through all of my work). 
– Hobby Horse Emblem –
– Hobby Horse Wordmark –
– Hobby Horse Letterform –
The Flash site combines the branding style with a simple layout to present samples of identity, print and web design.  Splash pages were used to introduce the website as well as offer a meaningful "literary" element. 
– Intro/Splash Page –
– Quote/Splash Page –
– Philosophy/About Page –
– Aesthetics/Identity Presentation –
– Aesthetics/Print Presentation –
– In-Development Page –
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